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1-1 training


This is the part I love!

16 weeks

($31.25/week or less than a cup of coffee a day)


We are going to overhaul your training and break any physical and mental barriers you have! Whether that's going from the couch to a 5k (we will make that a couch to 50k), going for a 200 miler or a WR (world record)/ Worlds First. 

We are going to flip everything on its head. We are going to shake that snow globe till it breaks. Our goal together is to shatter whatever blueprint is engrained in you that you can't do something or it will take years to train for. We will get you designing your own blueprint. One that creates a life you could have only dreamed of and make it a reality.

You may think "Justin isn't this just a fitness program?" absolutely not. 

I believe how we do one thing is how we do everything. How we are going to shatter perceived reality is how we are going to give you the mindset to the life you deserve in health, in business and at home. 


CONquering your COMFORT CRISIS 101

This program is for athletes and individuals who wish to become prepared in all things.

For those who want to build a work capacity where one can be developed across disciplines, to confidently commit to ANY performance goal or life and business venture.

This programming methodology has taken me from trying to take my own life and dragging my feet working a 9-9 with a graveyard shift after to make ends still not meet to realizing I CAN HAVE IT ALL. Everything I dreamed of growing up I DESERVE TO HAVE AND CAN HAVE. I shook that snow globe till it broke. I wound up from hardly being on a plane ever to traveling to 50 countries in just a few years, breaking world records, completing some audacious feats such as running a marathon pulling a 1.5 ton car, a 3,600 mile triathlon across the United States and now... having a documentary made on my journey through life.

ALL because I decided that I deserved to life a life worth living and that I should be the author of my own story. You should too!


This program will take you on my own journey with purpose to craft your own blueprint.

This will closely aligned with what I am doing on a daily basis (barring a few specific demands) so you will be working alongside myself towards your freedom to choose a goal that scares you.

4 single session training days/week, up to 90 mins/session.

2 double session training days/week, up to 45 mins/session.

Focused lifting sessions + focused cardio sessions + optional add ons.

Who is it for? Those athletes and individuals  who are looking to train like myself in and out of the globe gyms Those who are ready take their strength, endurance and mindset to the next level.

You deserve to be prepared in all things. LETS GO!


What's cooking (subscription)

Follow along workout for workout with my current training cycle and find out what challenge I am cooking up next.


running + strength

couch to 50k is the new couch to 5k. whether you're going for a 13.1 or first marathon you deserve to be ready for all things!

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