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Over my years of travelling the world and getting to experience cultures of all kinds I have learned one thing that stands the test of time. That is that laughter and love in our hearts is a universal language that needs no translation.

I believe that whether you are lost or found the answer is always to give back.  At times when you feel there is nowhere to go and you've possibly hit rock bottom. Give back. Help whoever is around as there is always someone worse off and I would be blessed to be in your shoes. At times when you are on top and have it all. Reach back and lend a hand to those who are lost because you've once been there and know how it feels to be alone. 

Feel free to take what you want from this page. I hope it finds to be of great use for you and can make your journey a bit more at ease. All I ask is to one day pay it forward.  

Get Thicc Quicc Smoothie/Bowl

This was a recipe that was a staple (3-4x/day) before and after any big session training for 3,6000 mile transcontinental triathlon. It helped me pack on 30lbs quickly and retain strength even with 12+hrs of cardio every day ...Obviously maybe keep it to 1/day if that isn't your goal. Other than that it is a great source of pre workout fuel for the tank and post to keep rebuilding for tomorrow.

World's Strongest Marathon car pull program


This was a program I built to skyrocket my core and lower body strength to unreasonable levels. When pulling a 1.5 ton car it is not all about leg drive. While that is a huge factor to propel you forward your core is the deciding factor if your successful in shattering preconceived notions on what is possible or if you're on the fast track to the ER for a blown out back. If your core fails, your form is compromised and your spine is now faced with tugging 3,000lbs... Not good. 

100 Social Distance Friendly Workouts otherwise known as at-home workouts


I put this protocol together when the world was shut down and gyms were no longer accessible. Those times are thankfully over but I still at times find myself wanting to get my out moving in nature. Call it "Primal" or what have you but there is something different about getting a pump out door carrying an ant filled log or throwing a cinderblock around for KB swings.


Maximize your:
- deadlift
- bench
- squat
with key before and after movements for each lift. by hoping into these movements out the gate you aren't unlocking your full potential (not to mention minimize risk of injury)

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