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CONQUEr your comfort crisis.

Mental and performance training for athletes and coaches

Justin True

Justin is no stranger to pushing the limits from obtaining his degree in Energy Systems Engineering to an accomplished MMA fighter to traveling the world 50+ countries including a kidnapping in Egypt and surviving the extreme threats of bandits crossing Madagascar. He's an ultra endurance athlete breaking World Records and setting World firsts. All to inspire those that come from rough upbringings and show that no matter the cards you're dealt you can always become the author of your own story. Go do big audacious things and change the world for the better 1 act at a time.

Accolades and records isn't what inspires Justin. Instead he defines his success and purpose by helping others fight for tomorrow when they think they have nothing left to give. By voluntarily putting himself into some of the toughest physical and mental challenges ever conceived. They allow him to show that no matter what we go through in life we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. 

No matter the dark corners your mind may pin you in, you are always strong enough to stand up one more time and keep fighting for tomorrow. 



Never reduce your dreams. instead increase your actions.

Justin True is a mental health advocate fighting for those struggling to speak their truth and help others tap into their greatness by giving them the blueprint to a life well lived.

His stories are electrifying and motivating for all groups. He speaks with schools across the country, sports teams and high level corporations captivating them with his humor, calmness and resilience to see everything through to the end in even the most life threatening situations.


1-1 coaching

shaking the snow globe till it breaks. we are going to shatter all barriers and build a mindset that is unstoppable.


Triathlon + strength

sprint, olympic, 70.3, full 140.6  (ironman) we have you covered!


running + strength

couch to 50k is the new couch to 5k. whether you're going for a 13.1 or first marathon you deserve to be ready for all things!

This is not just training to train and go through the syllabus. This is crafting your mind and body so that is designed and ready to take on any challenge thrown your way. In or out of the arena!


If you’re looking to level up your work capacity so that you can set a specific performance goal, this is for YOU!

Utilizing our tried and tested methodology, you will be training across disciplines and energy systems, building both strength and endurance concurrently.

The priority focus will be on top end strength along with running endurance.


This program is for your everyday 9-5 to WC athletes, anyone who wishes to become prepared in all things.

At one point or another (Possibly Currently) these were my programs and methodology to set several World Records and World firsts across an array of feats. So you will be working alongside myself towards your freedom to choose a goal that scares you and conquers your comfort crisis.

These programs have been ran by athletes across all disciplines - MMA Champions, Navy SEALS, Army Rangers to triathletes and Ultra runners over all distances. You name them they have found success in these programs.



  • 2x MMA Champion

  • 8x 1st place (8-0) Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments

  • October 2017 - Single person FKT (fastest known time) - National 3 peaks (UK) - Charity: Make-a-Wish foundation

  • July 2018 - Attempt to run across Africa 7,500 miles - Kidnapped in Egypt and deported for being accused of spying for the government.

  • June 1st, 2019 - 175 mile Tandem cycle - Charity: Cycle4gaza

  • July 1st, 2019- Olympic Triathlon with a 90 lb Thor hammer - Charity: Palestine Children's Relief Fund

  • August 1st-2nd, 2019 - World's Strongest Marathon FKT Record pulling a 1.5t car - Charity: Palestinian friend to go to college in Canada

  • August 29th - September 29th 2019 - World's First - Crossing Madagascar - Charity: African Wildlife Foundation

  • February 1st - 2nd 2020, 24hr Hero Crossfit WODathon - Charity: Leukemia and Lymphoma Society - Partnership with Bend, Oregon Fire Department

  • May 1st - June 16th, 2022 World's Largest Cont. Triathlon 3,600 Miles across America

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It's time to break the cycle and Conquer your Comfort Crisis.

Whether you can't stick to a training program or finish a 100+ mile race I'm here to solve that problem for you in the most simple yet optimal form. 

Zero confusion.  Endless Benefits.

Let's get started!

Meet our team

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