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Triathlon + strength


My bread and buttER! 


Whether you are training for a sprint triathlon, olympic triathlon, 70.3 or full 140.6 (ironman) we can always improve your PR or help diving in that much easier.


Starting to incorporate or already have a background in strength or hypertrophy training, this is the plan for you.

There will be naysayers that say this can't be done but you can run this program for multiple progressive training cycles until you’re ready to prove them wrong. You will show up on game day being the strongest, fastest, flat out fittest version of yourself you have ever been. 

16 weeks
$6.25/week or less than $0.90/day

What you get.

  • 16 week training plan - Training for a full distance/Ironman distance triathlon we will focus on progressing your top end strength alongside increasing your cardio endurance & VO2 max.

  • Goal-specific programming, with strategy and information provided to support your training.

A quick glimpse at your nutrition, with supportive guidelines. 

  • Athlete Requirements:

Lifting: compound movement focused (Deadlift, Squat), for best results athlete should be comfortable with free weights but we can always supplement alternatives.

What I need from you

  • TRUST.  Trust in me that with following this program you can do anything you set your mind to. I will not steer you wrong! I want you to succeed in not just this but life. The mindset to get through this is the mindset you need and deserve to attack life with a fierce love.

  • DESIRE. Desire to break out of your comfort zone and accomplish something incredible you can hang your hat on. You deserve this!

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